Happening Monday, September 30th

This year, we’re kicking off 2019 Greensboro Fashion Week in a Simply Southern themed party. What does that mean? Simply Southern is known for their bright and vibrant colors, so jazz up some of their merchandise - or come in your favorite bright color combo. Revolution Mill (Ink Studio) will host this meet and greet (so if you missed our Summer Edition show, you’ll finally understand what all the fuss was about).


If you do not have Simply Southern attire, you can go to, visit their store at Friendly Center, or snag something during this event at the SS pop-up shop. All Greensboro Fashion Week models, designers, artists, and sponsors may attend for free. 


Guests may purchase tickets for $35 and all will enjoy a red carpet photo-op area, Sweets by Dolce Amaro, refreshments, and music.  The event will be from 7-9pm.