Testimonials of GSOFW



"This is the absolute best and classy fashion show!  I cannot wait for this year's event, and see the designers showcase their exquisite designs on beautiful and talented models."

Beth Smith

GSOFW VIP attendee


     "I just wanted to say thank you so much for such wonderful exposure and experience during Greensboro fashion week!  It was such a dream come true and a great platform to showcase my first full collection.  I have met so many wonderful and talented people.  I have also gained clients and am starting to build inventory for an upcoming online store. Your organization during the whole time has been wonderful.  I wish you both continued success and hope I get to work with you again in the future!  Thanks again!" 


Emily Costlow

Em Rae Fashion Designs

       "I just wanted to let you know that Jackie and I had a wonderful time at GSOFW last Friday night!  Thanks for sending Corie to my office to do our hair and makeup - she did a fantastic job!  The limo service was very much appreciated, as well. 
You and your team did a great job with the entire production and I'm glad Jaguar Land Rover Greensboro had the opportunity to be a part of GSOFW 2016!

Thanks so much,"


Anita Barber

Account Manager

"I just wanted to thank you both and your team.  I am very blessed to have been apart of Greensboro Fashion Week.  Linda made learning how to walk easy for me to understand and fun. I'm really thankful that the whole GSOFW staff included me and believed in my ability.  Kyle and his team are the most dedicated people I have EVER MET! I was so blown away by every connection I made in the makeup and hair team. Not only did they know what they were doing but they made a point to personally connect with EVERY SINGLE MODEL.  I wish I could personally thank everyone.  Thank you Witneigh, Giovanni and Linda for not only believing in me but for making me love modeling again.  Thank you all again for showing me kindness that I haven't seen much of in the entertainment industry.  Thank you for connecting me with individuals who passionately believe in fashion. Thank you all for your time and patience. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciated it."


Sarah Kaiser

2016 GSOFW model

"Why GSOFW?: because it's impeccably mangaged and an amazing show! truly the place to start getting a leg up for early emerging designers."


Kerri Murray

2016 GSOFW Emerging Designer 

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