Wrangler is a southern brand that was able to bridge the gap between southern sweet heart and chic-with-an-attitude at GSOFW15. Everything from the soft blue hues of the dress to the chocolate boots resemble the tradition that Wrangler is well known for  nationally.

Does it seem odd to pair a dress with boots? Its practical for most young women to wear jeans with boots, but wearing boots with a skirt open up new opportunities with what to do in your wardrobe. A dress paired with boots can be a flattering look that not only shows off your boots, but is chic and confident – adding a slightly ostentatious factor that’s missing in southern fashion. By toning down the accessories, the focus of this look include the short sleeves and four layers below the waist.

Kids can be in fashion too! With the right occasion, the right pair of boots and a bit of attitude, anyone of any age can pull of this look on the runway or an evening out.


Written by:

DJ Hargrave