Greensboro Fashion Week


New Billboard

I am extremely proud to say (well..type) that Greensboro fashion week has its largest billboard to date. Can you believe it? Four years ago it was all a dream now and it's a reality; a reality that's almost the size of a house.


The press conference and reveal was on Thursday, May 18 everyone was dressed to the nine's, reporters were there and the cameras were rolling. This is one of many events leading up to Greensboro fashion week that we were extremely excited about and it turned out to be a success.




We'll be pushing out a ton of content on YouTube because we know you love video and we love making it for you. Below you'll find a link to a video about the press conference! Remember, Greensboro Fashion Week will be September 20 through the 24th and also don't forget about "The Preview" on June 24th (why are you still on this page? Tickets are available now)!




Also check out the video below!