Greensboro Fashion Week


 5 Must Have Designer Pieces this Summer

From stylists, models, the media team and even designers, a good majority of participants of Greensboro Fashion Week are college students, including myself. It’s about time we did a post dedicated to help you guys out in the style department (although you don’t need an ounce of help based on what we’ve seen). Most college kids this summer will be taking on the monotonous tasks of getting coffee for the boss, mowing lawns (making a killing), or maybe working for their parents' small business reluctantly. Regardless, 20 to 40 hours of their week will be spent staring at the clock(or hey, you could be doing something you love if we want to stay on the positive side).

The easiest way to make it through this summer, aside from playing harder than you work when you get vacation time off, is through rewarding yourself. In fact, positive reinforcement and rewarding yourself is the easiest way to stay motivated - especially for a temporary job/internship.

So, what should you buy?

This is a time in your life where the salary of working at your campus library or part time at the local coffee shop can only pay for your car's gas and Domino’s pizza for those all-nighters. This means that very little, if any of your money spent during the school year is for the sole purpose of spoiling yourself.

This is your time to shine and come back to school with at least one designer piece to strut to class with. The key here is that you want to hit a sweet spot; not too expensive, but something that's still worth showing off. You don't want to be the guy returning to school wearing the same thing as when he left, trust me. Here are a few designer pieces to spend your summer savings on.

1. Comme Des Garcons Patch T-Shirt

The popular Japanese brand has left its mark on the industry for decades with its signature nuance logo. You've probably seen this styled among the ranks of Drake and Kanye West. Cop now at 


2. Paul Smith Unstructured Blazer

Because if you're involved in frat life or just the type of kid who is always going to an important event, the last thing you want to do is blend in with the sea of navy blazers and over-sized khakis. If you still want to stay in your comfort zone, go with this blazer from Paul Smith with soft shoulders, wool that's woven for year-round wear, and an impeccable fit.


3. Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet

Fun Fact: High end designers like Louis Vuitton make the majority of their profit from accessories (because they're clothes are so expensive). You'd be surprised by how affordable a wallet like this is. Here's a secret between you and I: this will last you a life time, not just until you graduate. Cop at 

4. Oliver Spencer Suede Backpack

Because a masculine backpack can make a t-shirt and jeans look go from a 6 to a 9. Available at


5. Gucci Loafers

Put the Gucci flip flops aside - THESE are the grown man shoes you want in your wardrobe (because after all, shoes are one of the first things someone judges you by appearance-wise). Pick them up over at Nordstrom