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Top 5 Suit Colors for Spring

Hot weather isn't the ideal environment you want to be wearing a dark suit in. Why? Because dark colors attract more heat - plain and simple. Now, with all due respect, wear that navy suit to that interview or that black suit to a formal event, but any and all circumstances outside of that call for a different level of sartorial finesse.

The best thing you can do for your dark suits (by giving them a rest) and your sweat glands (avoid profuse sweating and "BO" on hot days) is invest in lighter colored suits. Fabric does play a part of the equation for sure, but that's a little more complicated - you may want to do some research in the articles that are linked below.

What would your grandpa or great uncle do around this time of year? They were most likely wearing all-white suits (which I wouldn't suggest unless you want to be the butt of everyone's Snapchat story jokes) or ignorantly stuck with their dark suit rotation that was in play all year round.

Let us take a moment of silence for them, as they weren't blessed with technology, or the thousands of fashion blogs like this one to inform and inspire them.


I don't know if you heard, but green is trending right now. Its masculine enough to stand its ground in a sea of navy and grey, while being soft enough to keep you cool all spring.

(Light) Brown

Man, nothing looks better than brown and blue. End of discussion. 

Any Blue Other Than Navy

The hue of blue you see me wearing in the shots above is ideal. In all honestly its the color that'll make you stand out more-so than any other color on this list. Warning: not for the faint of heart, anyone who is uncomfortable with long stares or older women suspiciously following them around.


Wait, but...isn't this a list about....

Yeah, plot twist. Black, also known as the presence of all colors, is on this list because we need to acknowledge an epidemic. An epidemic that involves a mistake I see soooo many young guys making - not having a black suit for when the time calls. If you're about to rent a cookie-cutter tuxedo suit from the mall, I will personally pay the tab for your own custom black suit.

Really Really Light Grey

I mean so grey that it should look like white with just a quick glance. Bonus tip: Stone grey looks sharp as hellwith burgundy - I don't care what the calendar says.

A few articles on suit fabrics for spring/summer: