The Preview Recap


The preview was our first look into a historic week that isn’t too far from now - Greensboro Fashion Week (by the way, that’s on September 20-24th). My day started at Folica Salon, aka the quiet before the storm, at around 11:30am. While I was running around trying to get candid shots and keep you guys updated on Facebook, lead hair and makeup stylist Kyle Britt was doing what he’s done best for four years now. The smell of potent hairsprays filling the air and the sight of around 30 models preparing for the day ahead built anticipation like crazy.


Fast forward to 4:30pm and I witnessed treatment that I doubt models at any other fashion week get. We were escorted to the Greensboro Center for Visual Arts in brand new Jaguars, GMC’s and Land Rovers - at this point I would’ve been perfectly fine with a five hour drive to the venue instead of a five minute drive (shoutout to Jaguar Land Rover of Greensboro for the lift).



The show itself was incredible and we had a full house for it. The art gallery atmosphere was classy, which complemented the glasses of champagne and chic outfits perfectly.


Now, let’s talk fashion.


I’m a sucker for all black, but when you add the combination of two different fabrics plus the relaxed fit in the sleeves, it takes this dress to another level. You know how they say ‘Girls run the world’? Well the loose silhouettes that are well-known in women’s style has spilled over into menswear - after five years to a decade of skinny jeans and arthritis-inducing tight shirts, us men are finally starting to let loose. It's all thanks to looks like this one above, which was beautifully designed.


Plaid’s Galore

Plaid in the south seems innocent, right? Not in this case. With exposed shoulders, contrasting buttons, and a unique collar finish, you can’t deny that this piece marries edgy and chic. Don’t forget a light, water-resistant coat (didn’t you check your weather app this morning?) with a printed lining that’ll have people whispering as you walk down the runway.


Subtle Up Top, Bold Down Low

When in doubt, contrast is your best friend when it comes to fashion. I can think of a billion scenarios where you should use this look as inspiration in your day to day outfits. This outfit is also evidence of how important it is to choose the PERFECT print and where they should stand out versus being subtle. Real life tip: A good way to introduce prints into your wardrobe is starting out with dark colors such as black and navy. Once you’re comfortable, you can combine those prints with the rest of the color wheel to really turn heads.


A special thanks to Jaguar Land Rover of Greensboro, McDonald’s, OrangeTheory Fitness, Triad City Beat, 3 Black Bird Management, all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible. This is only the preview of what’s to come - see you at fashion week!


Written by: DJ Hargrave, Founder of Tailor Made Style