As we see the leaves turn green and get an extra hour of sunlight, we're all inspired to add a little variety to our wardrobes including a few new accessories. The small additions such as sunglasses, pocket squares, and new socks are small details that make dressing for spring that much more exciting. The only downside to the next few weeks is that mother nature is going through that awkward in between phase; it’s 39 degrees in the morning, then 62 degrees at 3pm.  Guys tend to jump the gun during this time of the year because if the weather app says 60 degrees, it’s ok to show bare ankles and show chest hair? Wrong. Whether you just find V-necks and shorts more comfortable or you just want to show of your #gainz, your first day of spring outfit is worth the wait.


A fail-proof outfit during this time of the year is a jumper under an overcoat. In the mornings, it’ll keep you warm and comfortable on your morning commute. In the evening, you can easily shed a layer by throwing your camel coat onto the back of your office chair.

I always say that accessories and shoes are the key items that set you apart from other men on a day to day basis. With that being said, nine out of ten guys will stock up on pocket squares for the upcoming months then let them collect dust until the leaves start falling again. What you should be doing instead is saving them for your favorite overcoats like this camel one from Banana Republic.


Most men believe that pocket squares should be saved for suits, but pocket squares can be a lot more exciting if you use them this way. Have you ever wanted to experiment with colored pocket squares but wasn’t sure if it was safe for work? Here’s a great way to utilize them on weeknights and the weekend instead.

As a side note: if you're just starting your pocket square collection then you'll want to stick with year-round fabrics for your pocket squares (silk, cotton, light wools) and stay away from linen and seersucker until you have a collection to be proud of.

Written by Derwin “DJ” Hargrave

Derwin "DJ" Hargrave is a menswear enthusiast whose career began in high school after discovering his passion for helping men dress better. Since then he has made men's style simple for thousands of men in person and over the internet. You can follow him on Instagram (@derwinhargrave) and Snapchat @tailormadedj