I’m a huge advocate of dressing for one’s self.  When it comes to fashion, I’m a go with the flow, whatever makes you feel and look good type gal.  I’m a mom on the go with a budget and a serious love for clothing. I’ve never been one to keep up with trends, per say, but I like to take snippets of each seasons trends and work them into my daily wardrobe.  The trends this summer are phenomenal! On the runway we’ve seen everything from leopard mixed with fun florals, checks, pastels, fringe, ruffles, plastic and my absolute favorite…crayola colors.  Without a doubt, the crayola color trend this summer has me hooked, and is the inspiration for this post.


When I think of summer, I always think of bright colors, florals, white linen…white anything.  So, of course, I decided to search for the perfect essentials that could seamlessly be incorporated into my existing wardrobe.  My goal is to pick key pieces with quality in mind, that could also be worn most of the year, but still on trend for summer.


My wide leg crops in yellow are the key piece to adding just a touch of the crayola trend into my wardrobe.  They can easily be paired with a denim buttoned down top, tied at the waist.  A crop top like I’m currently wearing, or a tucked in fitted top. You can wear sneakers, sandals with a heel or floral slides like mine.  These crops are so versatile and can also be worn through the Fall. Thinking strategically about your wardrobe can also save you a lot of money!  That’s important when you’re wishing to stay within budget and current with runway fashion.



Speaking of runway fashion, this year I’m attending Greensboro Fashion Week!  I’ve never attended before, but I hear it’s pretty amazing…because us Carolinian’s know how it’s done!  I’m so excited to see first hand the trends that will be making the runways of Greensboro Fashion Week explode!  Not only am I excited, but as a lifelong Carolinian, I’m really super proud to be invited to attend this event. Greensboro fashion week provides higher education to those who participate.  They get their local educational communities involved and represent a total number of seven colleges in the TRIAD area. They’re actively involved with restoring the heart of downtown Greensboro and local charity.  Talk about amazing!


So this October, be on the look out for a lot of Greensboro Fashion Week chitter chatter.  I’ll be giving you live updates and going behind the scenes…so make sure you’re following along via Instagram and signed up for my newsletter for exclusives!

XO - Savannah Patrone