The Best One Hour Workout In The Country


Prior to visiting Orangetheory fitness, my cardio routine was nonexistent. I might make it on a treadmill a few times a month, but other than that I’ve stuck to lifting weights and let my running shoes collect dust. Thankfully the workout was a combination of strength and cardio, or I might not have made it back for a second workout. There was a three day break between my workout and I was STILL as sore on Friday as I was that Tuesday night.


A few weeks ago Tom Campagnolo, operations manager of GSOFW sponsor Orangetheory Fitness in Greensboro, invited me to their location on Westover Terrace. It was not only a humbling experience for my quads and triceps, but the ultimate workout experience as well.


“What separates us from the pack is that we’re results oriented. Anyone that comes to these workouts 3 or 4 times a week are guaranteed results” - Tom Compagnolo


As someone who's been in the gym for a decade, I know the feeling of pouring blood, sweat and tears into your workout and thinking “I’d better be making progress” the whole time - it's a cloud of uncertainty I’m sure we’ve all felt, especially when results aren’t easy to get.


At Orangetheory fitness, you can literally see how many calories you’re burning and your heart rate in real time as you’re working out. If you’re not obsessed with numbers and tracking calories, the high energy and support from your coach and peers is more than enough to keep you motivated.

Speaking from personal experience, this is not your typical gym where they take your money, then sit back with their arms crossed and tell you what to do - I’ve been in far too many of those. Orangetheory coaches are engaged, focused, and care immensely about your results.


“It's not like a box gym, it’s more like a family” - Tom Campagnolo


At the end of the day my metabolism was on fire and I had so much energy. If that’s what you’re looking for in a workout then I highly encourage anyone of any age group to check out Orangetheory. The employees at Orangetheory asked me about my personal goals, my prior experience with fitness, and what I got out of the workouts at Orangetheory. If you’re looking for a supportive group of people in a luxe and modern gym then you’ll never want to workout anywhere else.


Special thanks to Orangetheory fitness for being a sponsor of Greensboro Fashion Week. It shows that they care just as much about the community as they care about what happens inside their gym.




Written by: DJ Hargrave, Founder of Tailor Made Style