April 16th 2016:    STYLE SPOTLIGHT


Marsha Campbell’s style is classic with a modern twist; whether it be through classic pieces such as a topcoat in a modern, trendy color that ‘pops’ or through accessorizing like a fashionista should.


There are many, many tips that fashion week followers could take from Ms. Campbell. The main one being that its never too late for a topcoat. Style is synonymous with the word “Sprezza” which means to be effortlessly stylish. When you can dress down a topcoat, you’re effortlessly stylish.


In several of Marsha’s looks she’s been able to pair a t-shirt with a topcoat, or play with fun prints such as floral. There are two things to take from Marsha’s style.

Its ok to color outside of the lines

Experimenting with loud colors doesn’t have to be obnoxious. If you have a well put-together look and limited accessories, color can’t help but he a conversation starter and set you apart.

Don’t try so hard

Let your blazer drape over your shoulders for a chic affect and don’t over accessorize if the color/print of your garments speak for themselves. Remember: effortlessly stylish.


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