Greensboro Fashion Week

Social Media Accounts to Follow

Keeping up with the action at Greensboro Fashion Week goes well beyond attending the shows. Thanks to social media, you can get a sneak peek of the preparation before and during Greensboro Fashion Week simply by ‘making that white button turn green’. That’s right, Instagram and Facebook are the top social media platforms used in the fashion industry, and with good reason. They’re visually driven, giving audiences the opportunity to be informed by text and inspired by images/videos. What does this mean for you? You can follow the hype before, during and after the first night of GSOFW. Here’s a list of 10 accounts you need to follow before September 22nd.


  1. David Kriegsman @kriegsmanfurs


Inspiration on what to style with your dream luxury fur coat is here. You don’t have to know furs, you just have to know Kriegsman

2. EyeSalons

Testimonials and valuable content set the EyeSalons Facebook page apart. With all of the useful tips and reasons to care about your eyebrows, I’m wondering - do they have a discount for bloggers?

3. Folica Salon



Posting consistently is king when it comes to social media, and Folica Salon has been doing just that on their Facebook page. Two things I learned from just a few minutes on their page: they care about their clients and they love the weekends!

4. Triad City Beat @triad_city_beat

With over 3,000 Instagram followers, TCB’s influence in the community translates to social media. And guess who’s the publisher and executive director? Our very own emcee, Brian Clarey (you can find him on twitter @BrianClarey).

5. Greensboro Fashion Week @greensborofashionweek


Because, duh. Follow us on Snapchat @gsofw for behind the scenes action of our upcoming model rehearsal, events, and fashion week itself!


Honorable Mention: The Bloggers


This year we’re honored to have guest bloggers attend fashion week for live coverage and use their creativity to share their GSOFW experience with their audience. Overall, the names below have an influence of over 32,000 followers across the world!


DJ Hargrave @tailormadedj - Tailor Made Style


Sunny Murthy @welldressedstudent - Well Dressed Student


David Lezcano @_thedl - Keys To Style


Mandy Engelman - @mjengelman -


An Fane @anfane - thefashionstreets

Amber Ford - Confidence Avenue