Second Model Call


A little less than two weeks ago was the first Greensboro Fashion Week model call. One thing was obvious - a lot of people got the memo from our teen and adult models, to the children who steal the show every year.

Upon entering the beautiful Elm Street Center, lines of models stood along the venue’s famous staircase (an extra tip: the staircase at the Elm St. Center is a great spot for fashion week Instagram photos) for their chance to seal their spot on the runway. GSOFW owners Witneigh Davis and Giovanni Ramadani, emcee Brian Clarey, and model coach Linda Walbridge were on hand as judges.

If you see tall, attractive people walking down Elm Street in a white top and dark jeans this Sunday, it’s because we’ll be having our second (and final) model call for GSOFW 2017. That’s right, if you missed our first model call you have a second chance to start or continue your legacy in bringing fashion to North Carolina.


How can I become a part of Greensboro Fashion Week?

First, you’ll have to fill out an application on our website to be a model. After that, we’ll send you your contract to bring signed on J August 6th.

Where is the model call?

The Elm Street Center in Greensboro, NC

Adults: noon-3pm

Kids: 3pm-4pm


Is there a height requirement and what do I need to bring?

Yes, there is a height requirement. Females must be 5’8 and up without heels. Males must be 6’1 and up. You need to have a contract signed (which we’ll send to you through email) and wear a white tank top, fitted blue jeans and heels. Guys can wear the same except with dress shoes.


Again, you will not be allowed to try out or walk if you are not 5’8 and up.

Oh, and the best walk and attitude you’ve brought to any fashion show.



Written by: DJ Hargrave, Founder of Tailor Made Style