Riley Phillips is a 19 year old designer from Orlando, FL, and a sophomore at Wake Forest University, where she is double majoring in Studio Art & German. Her experience in fashion comes from her background in sculpture and the arts- her first designs were constructed from recycled materials. After gaining more experience, she started to design using conventional fabrics with a more sleek and refined style, while also incorporating hand work and embellishment as influenced by her experience in the arts.

Art has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Whether she was collecting coloring books in elementary school, touring German contemporary art galleries in middle school, or designing her first dress in high school, she has always had a passion for creating and learning about the arts.

Riley’s designs allow her to define herself and her ideas, finding inspiration in the arts and her travels. Her goal is to create an environment of confidence, authenticity, and fearlessness through the style and expression of her art and designs, especially as it pertains to her personal development as a student and individual.