April 2nd 2016:    RETHINKING MENSWARE



There seems to be those menswear combinations that never fail: navy and white, black and white, or any other combination that puts you to sleep as soon as you think of it. In a menswear world full of minimalist combinations (especially in the office), color is needed now more than ever. Maybe you're used to having your fourth coffee break of the day in a light blue shirt with a yellow tie, but there has to be something more to life, right?


Why Lavender?

Lavender is a comforting, versatile color this spring that can be used in your dress shirts, shorts, or tie options that'll attract the right attention. As a color that goes well with pretty much any guy's skin tone, it can easily serve as a shirt to wear 2-3 times a week. One thing that I recommend that guys do is replace the light blue dress shirt in your wardrobe with a lavender. Its a great color for beginners in the work force because purple represents luxury, power, and ambition.



Why Lavender works with Khaki

Don't even think twice about lavender with khaki. This unstructured cotton blazer with soft shoulders and no lining is my favorite piece for the spring because of the weight ...but what's just as enticing is how well it goes with lavender. Khaki is branded as a bland, boring color - but not in your wardrobe. Use it creatively with a few accessories and lavender for a great aesthetic for spring.



Since the color palette of this look is relatively light, I decided to go with a fun plaid tie in light blue, red, yellow and brown from Sprezza. Whether you're an intern or a boss, going BIG is a great tip when it comes to shirts, ties and pocket squares. They give a powerful look to your aesthetic, allowing you to either dress for the job you want, or to establish your position in the job you already have.

The fish hook tie is a great conversation started best saved for Thursdays and Fridays in the office when the environment is casual and everyone's ready for some weekend fishing - otherwise you won't get taken too seriously (I wouldn't recommend it for important meetings and what not).

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