Greensboro Fashion Week

post: FEB 28th


Since the late 1800’s, Greensboro has played a major role in supplying textiles across the world and has played a major role in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, locals lost sight of this role that Greensboro has played in the industry until 2014 when Greensboro Fashion Week came to fruition. After two years of bringing the best talent in the triad’s fashion scene to Greensboro, September 22-25 has been officially declared as Greensboro Fashion Week by Mayor Nancy Vaughn. With the expanding awareness of GSOFW, we’re honored to have the support of Mayor Vaughn and the city of Greensboro. Introducing new designers, participating in philanthropy and bringing an even better show to the runway in 2016 is what we’ll be returning to the city for its support!


Greensboro Fashion Week

 Official Proclamation of the City

Take a trip with me back in time to 75 years ago in the small town of Greensboro, NC, when the fashion industry was first imprinted on the hearts of Gate City locals. Although the glitz and glam of high-end designers had yet to be developed, the style sphere presented itself as one that refused to take no for an answer. Denim – a simple luxury traced back to the humble mills of Greensboro – and today the focal point at which designer jeans such as Wrangler are able to thrive on an international scale. Beginning in the 1800s, the Triad has been defined as an area rich in textiles and fabrics, providing deluxe materials for both runways across our city and across the globe.


Somewhere along this journey, the southern, unassuming hearts of Greensboro natives seemed to lose sight of our major role in fashion history. While this flourishing industry may have at one point gotten lost in translation, it is without a doubt present and alive more than ever today. That is where Greensboro Fashion Week comes into the picture, striving to bring the heart of Greensboro back to the basics and back to its roots. 


Fashion is progressive, fashion is profound, and fashion is practical – and therefore must be nourished and kept active by the homegrown population of Greensboro. Fashion is the future, and something that can only be propelled by the leaders of our city. GSO Fashion Week is not just a step in the right direction, but more importantly a step toward hope. Emily’s Plea is a non-profit, local charity extremely close to GSOFW’s heart – working toward educating the public about the dangers surrounding drunk and distracted driving. We are committed to honoring her legacy throughout the event, generating a hope for a better community, a hope for a better outlook, and a hope for better clarity in knowing what it truly means to be a part of the Gate City. 


With the official proclamation of “Greensboro Fashion Week” from the city, we can both honor our past and move forward into our future with a citywide, weeklong celebration. This year is projected to be one like never before, with the support of Wrangler, Hanes, Kreigsman Fur, Indian Motorcycle, Elm Street Center, Triad City Beat, O Henry Magazine, and many others.


In approaching the third annual Greensboro Fashion Week, we gratefully reflect on the overwhelming response and support we have gained thus far in our journey. While we hope that you accept this proposal to once again announce GSO Fashion Week as an official proclamation of the city, we even more so seek your blessing as we continue to make a difference in the lives of so many within this irreplaceable city.