Greensboro Fashion Week



GREENSBORO, NC (August 28, 2016) – Greensboro Fashion Week is proud to present Wrangler as its title sponsor for the second year in a row. The company has deep roots in the city of Greensboro and is the largest apparel manufacturer locally. Merchandise Manager at VF Corporation, Korie Lovette, states that the brand “felt that it was only natural to participate in this great event”.


In 1996, Wrangler became the #1 market share leader in the country, with one out of every four males in the United States wearing a Wrangler jean. Today, the brand has spiraled into a global style phenomenon – perfectly symbolizing the level of fashion potential present within the Triad for so many years.



GSOFW is honored to have this iconic brand play a key role throughout the event. Wrangler has paved its way as one of the most recognizable heritage denim brands globally, and it is a little known fact that the worldwide company is rooted right here in the humble Gate City.


“Greensboro Fashion Week gives us the platform to showcase all the design and creativity that goes on behind the scenes at the World Headquarters on North Elm Street,” says Lovette. “Wrangler is at the forefront of the vintage trend that is currently happening in the fashion world. From Urban Outfitters to Lady Gaga being seen in our product, everyone wants to get their hands on the iconic patch and W! We are excited about our exclusive showing at this year’s event!”


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