Greensboro Fashion Week

Trend Alert: Off the Shoulder

Hello, it’s Ana over here!

I am a fashion blogger born and raised in Venezuela but currently residing in NC. I am so glad to be a part of the guest at GSOFW! And I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to meet you at the event; you don’t want to miss it!

So you can get to know me better I am going to talk to you about my style and I will give you some tips so you can achieve your perfect look. The off the shoulder trend it is major right now, and I am happy to tell you everyone can rock it. The great part about the trend is that no matter your body type you can still make it work for you. Also, the shoulders are very delicate part of a woman that nobody is embarrassed of. Another great aspect of this trend is the versatility of it. Nowadays you can find different types of shirt styles and dresses as well as different prints and textures. But if you don’t feel that daring you can stick with a solid color as I did in my outfit so you can taste the trend and try something new the next time. It is nice to follow trends but it is so much better when you can adapt it to your body type and look perfect in it, so let’s give the off the shoulder trend a round of applause because it passed the challenge, we all can wear it! 


On the other hand, I feel it is such hype at the moment that we need to pair it with different textures and colors to make it look different than the others. For example, here I am wearing it with lace shorts that give the outfit a different feeling. I am also wearing it with yellow espadrilles that turn the outfit in a more summer look. I consider that the best combination is wearing something you really like but also keeps you comfortable, if you think the same way, this is the look for you. 



Lastly I just want to say that sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. Fashion is all about changing and developing yourself to someone new.  One of the best things about fashion is that you can create a new you every day, it is not permanent. If there is something you don’t like you can change it, you can evolve and grow. Do not feel tie to your same clothes because there is nothing better than finding a new style to fall in love with. To me, that is life. Growing, getting better and experimenting new things. Indeed, life is short, so why don’t wake up and try a new trend now?

See you at Greensboro Fashion Week,

Ana Faneite