We still have a few weeks left of short sleeve weather left and you want to have a strong finish to the summer style wise. The game-changing item that could change your wardrobe is the Hawaiian print shirt. I’m not talking about the cringey, loud Hawaiian shirt that you wish you never bought. I’m talking about the cool, casual, played down Hawaiin shirt that’s taking over red carpets and your favorite celebrities’ wardrobes. It’s accessible (available in almost any mall you step foot in), comfortable and makes a statement.

What else do you need to buy to wear this shirt the right way? The answer is probably nothing. You should have everything you need: a slim pair of chinos/denim, loafers/sneakers, and a handsome pair of sunglasses. My favorite style move of the summer is without a doubt pairing a Hawaiian button down with neutral pants and shoes.


This became my outfit of the summer after reading article after article on GQ about how the best dressed celebrities in the world would wear outfits like this to movie premieres and TV appearances.

Donald Glover made the style combination popular during his press tour for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Shortly after, stars like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, G-Eazy, Justin Bieber and James Harden became turned the Hawaiian print shirt into a uniform.

Notice how diverse the list of celebrities is. Why do so many A-listers trust their stylist enough to put them in a Hawaiian print shirt? The honest answer is that every man looks good in it. You can be a 5’9 skater, a jacked guy who loves the gym, or a 6’6 baller with a slim body type. Any of the above fit the bill.