April 9th 2016:    MODEL CALL


Your Time is Now


New and experienced models have had Greensboro Fashion Week as a vehicle to leverage their careers in the fashion industry for three years now. The chance for you to shine and be in the spotlight at GSOFW 2016 has come. On April 17th from 12-4PM, the best new and experienced models from across the carolinas will gather to strut their stuff at the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro.



Up-and-coming models have an opportunity


Think of your favorite model - maybe Candice Swanepoel - do you think they were as fabulous as they are at birth? You bet not. What they did do was start and put in a ton of hard work. You may not have the leverage of being in New York City or LA, which is why we’ve brought the fashion industry to the triad. You’ll gain exposure through news and media outlets that cover fashion week, as well as connect with stylists, designers, and influencers in the area.





Have a chance to become model of the year


Every year, our designers choose someone as model of the year and this is your chance. Is that a few months from now? Yes - but the first step is walking the ballroom before you walk the runway. MOY winners from previous years include Tylinn Crawford and Angel Clark.


Our height requirement will be strictly enforced. The ladies must be 5’7 and up, while the males must be 6’1 and up. You can apply on line at www.greensborofashionweek.com/models/ then submit a full body photo and head shot to morgansouth@greensborofashionweek.com. Title the email subject as “Model App” and be sure to include your name in the email.

We’ll see you on the 17th.


Written by: Dj Hargrave


Dj Hargrave is a menswear influencer and founder of Tailor Made Style. His goal as an influencer and blogger of Greensboro Fashion week is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj