Greensboro Fashion Week


We’re two months away from Greensboro Fashion Week, meaning that every day and meeting in the next 60 days is a game-changer. It takes dedication to be in the fashion industry, whether it be on the runway or behind the scenes. We’re dedicated to not just creating an amazing experience for guests, but for everyone involved in fashion week. Models who have no runway experience have theirs careers changed after being in Greensboro Fashion Week because we care about the development of our models and staff.


With the help of model coach Linda Walbridge,the first step to a career in fashion will be made on Sunday, August 14th at the mandatory model rehearsal. Before you mark the date on your calendar, here are a few things to remember:


  1. Rehearsals are for the sake of ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Months of preparation have been going on months in advance by the fashion week team along with sponsors - but having focused, prepared models are the major key to a great show.

  2. During rehearsal be attentive at all times. This is especially important whether you’re experienced or new because Linda Walbridge will be giving tips as we go along. Remember, we care about your professional development as a model as much as we care about the show.

  3. Have fun! This is a great opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry and a good first impression goes a long way.


Location: Elm Street Center, Downtown Greensboro


Time: 12pm


Who’s invited: Models who were previously accepted for Greensboro Fashion Week earlier this summer.


See you there!