2017 SHOW



      Where one special “People’s Choice” winner will be given a prize of $1000. Voted “favorite” by the audience, this individual will gain exposure and the ability to showcase their X-Factor designs on the most elevated stage possible. This night will be all about each designer’s edgy and high fashion art being brought to life.

    2017 GSOFW is excited to unveil this year’s select 11 Emerging Designers. Over 150 applicants, all the way from Florida to California, were narrowed down to this exceptional group of 11 talented individuals. Each unique designer will showcase his or her creations on this exclusive night of Greensboro Fashion Week 2017 – Friday, September 22nd.

Each designer will debut his or her very own never-before-seen collections, consisting of 10-15 looks each. The winning style will be a “People’s Choice” pick – chosen entirely based on the audience votes. The winning designer will receive a grand prize of $1000, as well as the title of Greensboro Fashion Week Top Emerging Designer of 2017.

This year’s designers are more cutting edge than ever before, and their work can be perfectly described as “true art in fashion form”.

Welcome to the about page for this year's Emerging Designers.

Click here to see The Preview Gallery displaying a few of their looks

which will be seen in the September show. 




Musically inspired. I eat donuts. On the daily, I make jeans. ✂️



This up and coming fashion designer has been influenced by fashion world at a very young age. Having watched his mother model becoming a designer was as natural as breathing. Being the oldest of 4 I lived through the golden era of fashion starting in the 70's up to our current date and the one constant that remains throughout all the different trends that have came and went is that style and fashion are 2 very different things.

The first of my collections is called Street M.O.D.E 22 and that has ties to my upbringing in Newark/East Orange New Jersey. A predominantly urban area where looking good was always a very high priority. That collection is Urban/Casual and peeks into the higher end of fashion by attempting to create a bridge between. Street M.O.D.E is an acronym that stands for "Struggle to Maintain or die easily PERIOD" and those designs consist of but not limited to: Denim, hoodies, fleece, tennis shirts, T-shirts, etc...

The Twenty2 side of the collection has a meaning of "All good things come in 2's" and that has the linens, slacks, sweaters, button downs, etc...The best way to envision these 2 collections is to imagine identical twins with opposite personalities. However, both are just as meticulous in how they put together what they'll be wearing for the day and the collection of Street M.O.D.E 22 allows them to be everything they wish.

Now the latest chapter is my signature collection entitled "Andre Todd" and that's the culmination and a completion of the previous designs.This is by far my most expensive collection yet. Rich in fabric, color, and designs that is what you will be viewing the night of Greensboro fashion week 2017.

We look forward to a great show...See you there!

To view more designs please visit our website at www.streetmode22.com




I’ve been sewing my whole life but didn’t fall in love with it until about 5 years ago, while searching for my creative niche. Around that time, I also became absolutely enamored with comic books- the two paired together nicely. After making a few superhero prototypes for myself, I started outfitting clients across the country in intricate costumes and apparel straight from the pages of their favorite stories.

Over time I began pushing myself with new, more advanced techniques and diverse materials to find the extra details needed to bring a character to life. Costuming gave me the outlet to find my voice and personal style in fashion design. I’m excited to have the opportunity to debut my line of ready-to-wear apparel (and tell my own story) in my hometown at Greensboro Fashion Week




My name is Emily Costlow; I create original designs for my fashion line Em-Rae.  I am self taught and have been sewing since the age of 13.  I have a career in retail and love working with clothing and accessories.  My goal is to continue to design and create clothing for a broad customer base.  I design clothes with my personality in mind ensuring they are trendy, functional, and bold while exuding confidence.  I believe fashion can make a statement or be lighthearted and humorous.  My current fashion line titled “Escape” focuses on escapism.  The collection has a “party all night” vibe that embraces the fantasy or day dreams of daily life.  




Isaiah Davis is a fashion designer from the small town of Winnsboro, SC. He is one of 6 siblings who was raised by his grandparents and supported by his mother. After high school, Isaiah, the first one in his family to attend college, attended The Art Institute of Charlotte where he pursued his goal of becoming a fashion designer. He successfully earned an Associates of Applied Science in Fashion Design. Isaiah went to fashion school knowing little to nothing about the fashion industry, but knew fashion was what he is meant to do. In his design program Isaiah learned how to sew, make and grade patterns, drape; and used his gained knowledge and skills to work as a Seamstress and Tailor. After graduating, he became an Assistant Designer to his Teacher Tara Davis where he sharpened his design skills and mastered the art of multi-tasking.

Since then Isaiah has been working on various projects creating custom pieces for clients and special occasions. Isaiah has a unique design perspective; often using 3-D objects in his designs creating enticing dramatic looks. He believes in using anything to create fashion. Isaiah came highly recommended as a tutor mentor to the fashion design students at his alma mater and worked there briefly while working behind the scenes of fashions shows and retail management. Isaiah believes there is no room for negativity on his path to success. He surrounds himself with positive people and atmospheres and believes nothing is impossible. Currently Isaiah Davis lives in Charlotte NC, where he continues to design and build his clientele. This emerging designer fashion show is on his path to great success.




Designer of Kitty&Rhodes

Graduated in May of 2013 from the College of Textiles of North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fashion and Textiles Management.  My concentration was fashion development and product management, and in 2016 I received my Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing.  Since graduation, I have participated in numerous fashion shows for charity and for pure enjoyment throughout North Carolina, including hosting one of my own in 2014.  While working full time for Global Brands Group as a Lead Product Specialist, I also create custom pieces for clients, style models for photo shoots, and create pieces for my own personal projects such as editorial shoots and fashion shows, where I am also a photographer.  This will be my second year showing at Greensboro Fashion Week and I am looking forward to showcasing my SS18 collection!

Kitty & Rhodes is a brand of ready to wear women's apparel that is designed for the ultra-feminine.  With its classic silhouettes, the fabulous prints, and its effortlessly sexy style, these garments will keep you in style no matter what the seasons may bring!  For me, fashion is life! 



Instagram: @kittyandrhodes




KEON BROWN Biography Designer Keon L. Brown was born on July 22, 1985 in Paterson, New Jersey to parents Kavon Brown and Nancy Rogers. Growing up he showed a tremendous amount of creativity and ingenuity for the arts. It was in the year 2000 when he decided to devote his life to becoming a fashion designer. He studied and developed the fundamentals of fashion at Wood Tobe’ Coburn School in Manhattan, New York.

Prior to the launch of his independent label “ZYN” in 2003, Keon has participated in a number of fashion events, benefits and fundraisers such as the Annual E.O.F. Fashion Show at the Passaic County Community College, the Black and Hispanic Alliance Fashion Show at West Minster Choir Collage in Princeton NJ, a Pre-Celebration of World Aids Day entitled “Couture Fashion Around the World” held at Newark Symphony Hall in Newark NJ, the Rutgers College I.O.F. Fashion Show “Gramiter” and his most recent showing for the Art Institute of Atlanta's "Make Fashion Not War" benefit show for the victims and families of the Boston bombing. In addition to participating in a number of fashion events, Keon has worked with a local NJ school's fundrasing team, (Frederick H. LaGarde Sr. Academy) on several theater productions serving as costume designer. In fact, Keon received an award for Best Costume Design in the State of New Jersey at the 2001 Thespian Competition. Later in July of 2008, Keon introduced a series of collections at a show entitled “ZYN – Construction of a Fashion Power House.” In this show hey successfully achieved the transformation of a rough construction worker’s image into a cohesive yet sexy collection for both male and female. It saw his February 2013 win in the Atlanta fashion design competition "Fashion Uncorked" sponsored by the Easter Seals foundation which provides assistance for disable children that proved Brown's relevance in the fashion industry!

Three months later in 2013 the designer scored perfection in the New York design competition "Ice Hockey in Harlem Fashion Faceoff" which gave him the opportunity to grace the pages of Raine Magazine. ZYN Fashion has also been advertised in Kontrol Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine and The Charlotte Observer. With just 4 years residing in Charlotte, Brown has shown a number of fabulously lush collections at Charlotte Scene fashion week! This young designer continues to work from his North Carolina showroom on a number of upcoming shows and events as well as providing custom couture designs to customers upon request. “I believe that in today’s fashion world, what you wear helps express the inner you. ZEN, Z - E - N, which is the Buddhist belief of positive energy, is my inspiration. “ZYN” Fashions helps boost the confidence which exudes positive energy.” - Keon Brown.




My name is Kyler Arnold, I am 22 years old, and I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but now am living in the state of Georgia with my Cat, Mo. I am a senior at Georgia Southern University pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design. Upon obtaining my undergraduate degree, I hope to go to New York City for graduate school where I can research more efficient ways to ethically utilize discarded textiles.

I got my start in fashion at a very young age via the obsession with Barbie dolls. Although I never cared too much for their bodies, I always was spellbound by their clothes. I first thought clothing was made by putting a piece of fabric into a giant machine and the fashion would be dispersed at the other end. Once I found out it took creativity, craftsmanship, and could d be a career, I instantly became fixated. Soon after, I started to experiment with household items like T-shirts, towels, paper towels, diaper wipes, etc. to create clothing by hand. The thrill of this only lasted so long before I graduated to haphazard clothing for my sister and other family members. As I grew older, my curiosity increased simultaneously. Later, out of a wisp of fate, I stumbled into a yard sale looking for fabric to purchase for my experimentation and ended up meeting a woman named Ana Harrell. She was a Fashion Designer from Madrid who retired and moved to the United States. From that point, my life changed forever. After talking with her for some sort time, we decided on a compromise; I go to her house every weekend and she shows me everything she knows about sewing. That’s exactly what happened for years to follow. I feel very blessed to have had this experience.

I think I chose to go into fashion because it is creatively limitless. It is an outlet like none other allowing an individual to explore their emotions, aspirations, and inspirations through something as simple as fabric and thread. It’s truly an art form; one I value alongside life itself. My favorite part about designing is exploring and researching a concept. It’s always interesting to see how each abstract thought goes from paper to garment. They are always different, but somehow have my signature stamp on them. The inspiration I’m usually drawn to typically comes from nature. I like to take objects, places, or people and find a way to tell a story about them through the fashion. I find myself attracted to unusual sources such as insects, deep sea creatures, or places like Pompeii. There is something very powerful and haunting about entities that are usually unexplored by choice. I like to give them voices. One of my ultimate goals as a fashion designer is to change how much textile waste is being expelled into landfills. Through fashion, I can use the process of up-cycling to show that it is possible to create outstanding fashion using discarded textiles. I hope this creates a trend in the industry and that the world of fashion changes the way it treats the Earth.

Soon, I hope to have established my brand and company in the fashion industry, shown at fashion weeks across the United States, and changed the ethics of the fashion industry. By ten years, I would like the world to know who I am, what I do, who I design for, and why. In twenty, pat myself on the back knowing I followed my dream.




Fashion, or the wearable display of the finer things in life, has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. I had many interests growing up, from art classes to marine biology to cross-country running- but I always came back to my love for clothes and dressing up.

I didn’t have to look far from home to find a college that could supply me the education I needed to pursue my interest. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Management from North Carolina State University and had an incredible time learning and creating memories that I never anticipated would shape my future - such as joining a sorority, designing for fashion shows on campus, and studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

     My personal style has always been classic, feminine, and colorful (with the exception of my middle school skater-girl phase) and my design aesthetic has always lead to unique pieces that incorporate a blend of preppy, chic, and bohemian styles. Elements in nature, famous artwork, and architecture from all around the world have all inspired my work. I love incorporating fun textures, flattering silhouettes, and various colors into my designs that are intended to make women feel bold, confident and beautiful in their own skin.

I have been working in the textile industry since graduating and love my current job working in Product Development for Wrangler at VF Jeanswear. However, I have missed working creatively over the past four years and I am so fortunate to have a family and husband who support my ambitions to become a designer, starting with designing for Greensboro Fashion Week.  I have scored the man of my dreams… now I’m off to chase the career of my dreams! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed making them. Ciao!




A native of North Carolina who grew up with an interest in art in all forms. His very first drawings were routed in fashion design and soon he found that designing and creating clothes and costumes were the perfect expressions of all of his passions in life. But the journey of life led him away from his dream and it wasn’t until finding the world of cosplay that the designer inside him was reborn and began to create again. 

He enrolled at the Art Institute of Charlotte where he developed his fusion of costume, avant-garde fashion, and quality garments that blurred gender boundaries. He was also was selected to show his very first collection at Charlotte Fashion Week as an emerging designer and hand selected to showcase his first menswear collection at Charlotte Style Week. His fashion was also featured in a student Sprite Films commercial. 

After graduating with honors, he started to quickly reach out and make a name for himself in North Carolina’s fashion circuit, showcasing again in Charlotte Style Week, Winston -Salem Fashion Week and competing in Park Avenue Fashion Week, where he placed in the top 5 finalist of the competition. 

His design philosophy is based on his loves of historical costumes, androgyny with a futuristic twist. He finds his voice in mixing hard and soft fabrics, modern silhouettes with traditional fabrics and bending the lines between cosplay and couture. 

He hopes to launch his line “Alchemy by Terrence O’Brian Henderson” by the end of the year, specializing in gender neutral separates and hopes to have an accessory line in the future. 




Tygerian Lace named after the CEO and head designer, Tygerian Lace Burke, is a company built on empowerment and femininity. It is our mission to bring back the artistry and individuality to the ensembles that modern women wear every day by creating an alternate high end shopping experience.

Conceptualized in 2014, following a conversation between Tygerian, her mother and grandmother the foundation was built. The beauty and success that was sparked by that one moment of love and empowerment is perfect metaphor for our entire brand. This empowerment and beauty can be seen in our seasonal collections of polished staple pieces, including the brands’ key garment: the wrap dress. Our design ethos embraces timeless feminine silhouettes.

Shop www.tygerianlace.com or get up close and personal at one of our seasonal trunk shows held throughout the United States.

Ready to wear. Ready to Work

Founder and Creative Director behind Tygerian Lace. Born in Washington, DC, Tygerian developed an early interest in fashion design. She would prance in her mother’s high heels and fancy dresses. She observed the impact first hand that well-made clothes made on a woman’s attitude.

After graduating with her Master Degree and pursuing a career in Corporate America with the support of her husband Christopher Burke and two children Skyler and Mason Burke, Tygerian began her professional career as a women’s wear designer in the Fall of 2014. She set out with the intention to build a brand of garments that were of quality, bold and timeless.

Since 2014 some of Tygerian Lace’s clientele include; Mayor Jennifer Roberts (Charlotte, NC), Erica Bryant (Channel 9 News), Felicia Gray (Philanthropist and Community Activist), Dee Dixon (Editor in Chief of Pride Magazine), Jennifer Michelle Tatum (Everyday Runway) and Tempestt Harris (Owner of Level 21 magazine). The collections of Tygerian Lace have premiered in Charlotte Fashion Week (2015, 2016), North Carolina Style Week (2016), District of Columbia Swim Week (2017), Baltimore Fashion Week (2016), The Face Magazine (2017) and sponsored various nonprofit events.

Tygerian hand picks every cloth that debuts in her SS or FW collection. Her design ethos mixes timeless concepts with the modern woman's lifestyle. Tygerian has recently expanded her brand to include loungewear and swim wear to provide the modern woman the ability to shop Tygerian Lace for all their needs.