Greensboro Fashion Week



My first impression of Witneigh and Giovanni go hand-in-hand. They’re both the best dressed people I’ve seen in North Carolina, and they’re the most stylish couple I’ve laid eyes on (take that, Kim and Kanye). Witneigh’s combination of chic style, a sweet,southern personality and a business mind made it obvious why she’s cut out to start & own Greensboro Fashion Week with Giovanni. What impresses me most is her mental toughness. Running a fashion week is no easy task, and she’s been able to bounce back from previous setbacks to turn her into the strong woman she is today.

The only guy who I’ll admit has a better suit game than me is Giovanni Ramadani. Its well earned though, as he’s paid his dues in the fashion industry including walking in New York Fashion Week in 2012. Being born in Southeastern Europe, style is a way of life. It shines through his confidence, charisma, and leadership as an owner of Greensboro Fashion Week. Its his vision of a better, more exciting future for Greensboro that made Fashion Week come to fruition. He’s an inspiration from myself and all other entrepreneurs, immigrants, and young people looking to leave a mark in their community.



is the triad’s renaissance man; he knows what to do with the mic, is an outstanding writer, is a president & CEO, and knows how to effortlessly kill the slim fit suit look (which is just as important as knowing how to change a tire, in my opinion). His line of accomplishments include writing for dozens of publications in Louisiana, North Carolina, and New York, writing his own book of essays The Anxious Hipster and Other Barflies I’ve Known that came out in 2011, and being the editor in Chief of Triad City Beat. Brian is a great source of creativity and positive energy to anyone he meets.


A beautiful, social, and well-rounded Linda Walbridge is the magic behind runway techniques being perfected before show time. Linda Walbridge is a wife, mother, empty nester, former professional runway and print model, owner of the popular food blog “The Orange Bee” (from blogger to blogger, I’ll say I’m impressed) , yoga enthusiast, beekeeper, cooking class instructor, and wellness advocate for essential oils.


A great sense of humor, and even better hair were apart of my first impression of Kyle Britt - the celebrity hair stylist of GSOFW that keeps team’s energy at a high when he’s around. The same passion that you see at fashion week is still there from the night of the shows in September, to team meetings and model calls - the flame never burns out. I love seeing his work (although I don’t have much hair to work with myself) and leadership when fashion week comes around. It well worth the wait!


Mia Conway is our newest social media guru, marketing genius, and young energy that brings style and experience to the table. As a junior at Guilford College, her resume runs off the page as her talent attracts opportunity as a given. After meeting her at our first team meeting, I was happy with the new, refreshing energy she plans to bring to our social media pages as well as press releases and marketing campaigns. You can follow her on Instagram @MiaStarChild


You can have the best models in the south, great ticket sales, and a lot of anticipation, but without people like Morgan South fashion week would run far from ‘smooth’. I know Morgan as an organized, motivated leader who constantly has me asking myself “How does she do all of that?”

I still ask myself that question at every single one of our meetings.
It takes more than brains and guts to do everything that Morgan does - it takes passion. After taking her first fashion merchandising class as a teenager, her passion still carries over into the effort she puts into Greensboro Fashion Week. She manages volunteers, coordinates models and event communications, and aids with operations leading up to Fashion Week events. It makes me excited to know that there are people in the triad like Morgan who are willing to pour themselves into an industry, and city that they love.


Then there’s me… the college kid who’s trying to figure it all out and create something that makes an impact. In April 2015, I started my blog Tailor Made Style (, a menswear and lifestyle blog where I’ve partnered with top fashion brands including Banana Republic, EXPRESS, Urban Outfitters, and more. You’ll find me being involved with fashion week as the official blogger and red carpet correspondent.  My goal is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style and helping them be informed by what's going on in the menswear world. If I could fast forward to five years from now, I’d be blogging full-time and starting a company in the menswear industry. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj


Allie is a graduate of Elon University where she graduated with a degree in strategic communications and a minor in professional sales. Her ultimate goal to pursue a corporate communications career within the fashion industry. Over the past four years, Allie has dedicated herself to various internships that have taught her the skills necessary to excel within the fashion industry. When I look at her previous internships, I can’t help but get slightly jealous. She has worked as a marketing, merchandising and sales intern for Shades of Pink Magazine and Premier Bride Magazine, as well as internationally for notable UK Fashion Brand Jenny Packham. Allie currently writes bi-monthly press releases for Greensboro Fashion Week, and thoroughly enjoys every detail that goes into making the final show a success.


Branding is everything in the 21st century. I know, and I’m sure we all do, that if your website isn’t together, the chances of you doing business with someone goes from an eight out of ten to a three. Michelle Mills is the design intern and expert behind the website that is Every time I’m preparing a blog post for the site, I’m always blown away by the subtle changes that are made to make the sight a little bit better. The attention to detail she has goes a long way.
She’s currently a design student at NC State University minoring in business. Her design skills along with a business mind will lead to a bright future for her.