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Will the Male Romper Trend Last?

The internet has been going bananas over one piece of clothing, and our country is becoming divided because of it. You’ve probably heard a thing or two about a new fad, and probably the biggest topic of discussion in the fashion world in 2017. It goes by the name of *clears throat and takes a gulp* the male romper – aka RompHim. RompHim was started by a group of business school students who wanted to ride the wave of gender switching products. What do I mean by this? See, a lot of products such as Rose’ and purses (which have historically been made for women) are now being rebranded and targeted towards men.


Of course this is a fashion blog, so my job as your style doctor is to give you the unbiased pros and cons of giving the man-romper a shot. 3, 2, 1…


1.    Try Something New

If your closet is like mine, it’s oversaturated with black jeans, conservative suits, and hello kitty shirts (can’t you take a joke?). But in all seriousness, the repetitiveness of the typical man’s wardrobe is not a secret. Men like routine and making the safe bet when it comes to style. We want to be guided and led in the direction of not standing out. Oh, but not you. You want to stand apart from the crowd and pursue comfort at the same time. By giving the male romper a shot, you’re able to get out of your comfort zone without a doubt.

2.    You Have Easy Access

I don’t know if you noticed, but uh…there are a few biological differences between men and women. A common complaint I’ve overheard across the dinner table about rompers is that women struggle with their trip to the ladies room. Well as a man, you should be grateful that RompHim comes with a zipper. What more could a guy ask for?



1.    Social Judgment

Remember that dream when you had to give a speech in front of your class and you were wearing underwear? Well that same look that your classmates gave you is a look similar to what you’ll get when you first start wearing a romper (until they become socially acceptable like that man purse has).

2.    Lack of Versatility

It’ll be hard to find the right occasion to wear your new RompHim, especially if you want to test drive it in anonymity. In an interview with GQ, the founders of RompHim said they wore them at different festivals and at the Kentucky Derby. Basically anytime that you’ll be in the heat and its hard to find something to wear that you won’t sweat bullets in. 

Will the RompHim last or is it just a fad? How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments on social media. Who knows, maybe we’ll ask you for your opinion on camera at GSOFW.