Fall is around the corner, and I’m ready to embrace it in all its glory. I’ve been waiting for you, cool crisp air, pumpkin flavored everrrrything and, of course, every version of boots + plaid I can get my hands on! Every single one of these skirts is from Forever 21… and hey, who doesn’t love stores that are on trend and won’t make you break the bank?!

maid for plaid 1.jpg

Plaid prints are most definitely a timeless look, although they seem even more the rage than normal this season. I’m totally behind that adorable checkered blazer look, too. Can’t wait to find the perfect one… and you know I’ll be sharing it with ya! For now, I’ll stick to talking skirts/skorts because, while I’m mentally so ready for pumpkin season, it’s still in the 80s here in Raleigh!

mad for plaid 3.jpg
mad for plaid 2.jpg

You can pick up most of these skirts for under $20, and they can be paired with all sorts of slouchy sweaters, fitted turtlenecks, knit tops, and even blouses… I know for me, I love bringing back all the fun looks from Clueless and Britney: 2 benchmarks from my youth that have every right to live on!

mad for plaid 5.jpg
mad for plaid 7.jpg

In addition to the various ways you can pair these skirts with different types of tops, I also love how switching up the kinds of boots you style them with can give you a totally different feel.

While summer has its own reasons to celebrate, I feel like by this time of year we are all anxious to bring out the fun fall gear that we’ve been missing for so long. Yes, plaids, suedes, all the warm tones, chunky sweaters and boots for dayyyys. And the pumpkin spiced lattes help, too.

My mindset has officially shifted, and come this time in 2 weeks, I’ll be headed to Greensboro Fashion Week to see what all is new for style’s latest and greatest! From there, I’ll be sending more favorite finds your way, and as always, you can shop my daily looks from @b.b.phoenix by downloading the liketoknow.it app in the App Store! xoxo