GREENSBORO, NC (August 21, 2017) - The 4th annual Greensboro Fashion Week is quickly approaching, and we are proud to announce that Mack and Mack – the highly regarded

local design boutique - will be debuting its official rebranding at our show!


Mack and Mack buys limited quantities of designer fabrics that are cut and sewn on site into unique jackets, vests, wraps, and coats. Magic, their exclusive wash & wear fabric, comprises an easy to wear, go anywhere line of basics that can be easily paired with items made in the coordinating designer fabrics. Collections change almost every month.



"After closing our Elm Street store and factory space, I continued to focus on rebranding Mack and Mack and decided to use GSOFW to debut our new name and new products,” says owner Robin Davis.


“Giovanni and Witneigh are fun and easy to work with, and their production values are professional and sophisticated. I am looking forward to helping both them and David Kriegsman present a show that is entertaining and unique."



Mack and Mack’s mission is to provide women with options when they need to look their best and still be comfortable. As Robin says, “Don’t get dressed up. Just get dressed.”

Join us as we showcase this esteemed line’s fresh and exciting new brand.