Greensboro Fashion Week

post: APRIL 18th

Greensboro, NC (April 18, 2016) -

 Each year, models of all ages walk the nights of Greensboro Fashion Week. Esteemed head model coach Linda Walbridge has walked for Chanel, Versace and been signed with highly recognized labels in Texas and Los Angeles. As an established food blogger, beekeeper and proud mother, Linda has found great fulfillment within her modeling career and loyal role with Greensboro Fashion Week.

For a little over 18 years, Linda discovered her true passion in her modeling industry, which was first ignited with the simple belief in herself. “It’s important to stay true to yourself if you want to be professional model – don’t let yourself get caught up, stay grounded and don’t let unseen pressures overcome you.” Despite being perceived as a cutthroat industry, Linda’s refreshing, positive outlook on what it truly means to be a model has helped shaped GSO Fashion Week into what it is today. 


Although her modeling career began in the big city of Dallas, Linda states that “fashion is everywhere, it’s not just in the big cities”. Greensboro reflects this perception through the city’s role in supplying textiles across the world and inherent fashion roots.

Ultimately, GSO Fashion Week is an event dedicated to the people. Linda’s outreach in helping the models to perform their absolute best and believe in themselves promotes the event as one that is peaceful, productive and strives to get stronger with time. 

Greensboro Fashion Week is an occasion that hopes to instill growth and empowerment within with Gate City, and individuals like Linda are what make this mission possible. To learn more about Linda, visit her blog at