Greensboro Fashion Week

Kriegsman Luxury Outerwear

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of stopping by Kriegsman Furs & Outerwear to take a sneak peek at some of their transition pieces going into late summer/early fall. In other words, I found a few pieces that’ll be great to invest in for your fashion week repertoire of outfits. A common misconception about luxury furs and outerwear is that they’re ONLY meant for the core of summer (the holiday season, February and March) but I learned that’s not the case.


We’re honored to have Kriegsman Luxury Outerwear as a designer at Greensboro Fashion Week 2016. So honored, that they have the ‘luxury’ of having their own night this year at Fashion Week. David Kriegsman has been mastering his crafts for years now, and after having a conversation with him last year about his experience in the fashion industry, I’d say it's a well-deserved night.

With that being said, you can check out some of his favorite transition pieces below.


Brown pocket and zipper lining on this leather jacket makes it a unique piece. Black leather jackets like this are semi-formal enough to be dressed up for an evening dinner, or dressed down just before/during the leaves start falling.

Both of these leather snake skins are great transition pieces and with good reason - season appropriate neutrals are always great for transition periods.