Kiana Bonollo

Kiana Bonollo moved to North Carolina from Rhode Island seven years ago.  She is currently a freshman at NC State University working towards a B.S. in Fashion and Textile Design with a concentration in fashion.  Her first experience in the fashion industry was actually not with design, but with modeling.  During high school she modeled for multiple fashion shows such as Fashion D’Lux, Charlotte Fashion Week, NCFA Style Week, Charlotte International Fashion Week, and even Greensboro Fashion Week!  She fell in love with fashion shows and vowed to one day return to these fashion weeks as a designer.  

Kiana has gained experience with fashion design throughout high school and her first year of college.  During high school she earned two gold medals at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in San Diego (2016) and Nashville (2017) for fashion design.  She was invited to showcase a sustainable garment design at the Redress Raleigh Fashion Show in August 2016.  Additionally, she was recognized and awarded by the City of Raleigh this past March for another sustainable fashion design she created using unconventional materials. Kiana was also recognized as the “Most Outstanding Senior” in Career and Technical Education courses during high school because of her skills in apparel.  In April of this year, she placed first at the AATS Fashion Exposé at NC State with her first ever collection, “Queen of Hearts”.  This collection was then brought to China to be showcased at Donghua Fashion Week. 

Outside of fashion, Kiana loves to play the piano, paint, and participate in events through the Scholars Program at NC State.  Kiana is extremely excited to be given the opportunity to present a new collection during the 2018 Greensboro Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase.