Greensboro Fashion Week


High Heels & Sock


        Some trends just take longer to come around to the public, and this is one of them. In recent years especially in vogue we've seen open toed heels being worn with socks and we wonder..where do they do that? Fashionistas and fashion bloggers across the world have been trying out the style and now celebrities are hitting the streets wearing them. This may seem like something that's ideal for winter and fall but if you can find the right pair of quirky shoes, find a light pair socks, and steer away from your I'm-into-fashion-so-I wear-nothing-but-all-black persona, then you have the GSOFW stamp of approval.


 The style can be worn with chic outfits or grunge inspire looks depending on what your personality is. That's another thing that we love about the style – you don't have to have a certain aesthetic to pull it off. If you're in the bright colors and turning heads when you walk into the room, and you can make the right adjustments. If you want to minimalist colors like gray, white and black then you can still try out the new trend and start a few conversations by doing so. This blog can only reach so many people so we need your help to spread the word. 


I'll let you on in a little secret: boohoo is the best place to shop this trend. No, we're not sponsored by boohoo (but we're always open to talk business, wink wink).