Greensboro Fashion Week


GSOFW 2016 Recap

One way to describe Greensboro Fashion Week 2016 (and the only way) is “How much longer until next year?!”

A new location, bigger and better stage, new sponsors and designers created an electrifying atmosphere that can’t be copied. The growth of Greensboro Fashion Week is real, and as someone who watched it happen behind the scenes I can truly say that the next five years will be amazing. You know how actions speak louder than words? Well so do pictures. Here are a few of my favorite shots and a brief recap of each night.




Thursday – Kriegsman Furs x Dress Code Private Show

Kriegsman Furs and Dress code are two premier botiques in the triad with a clientele that knows quality when they see it. Well this year we provided bright lights and a runway to bring a new viewing/shopping experience to the table. Twenty models were chosen to wear fall and winter staples that are destined to fly off the shelves. 

Friday – Emerging Designers Night

Last year an outdoor show set off Greensboro Fashion Week, now a brick runway continues the trend of breaking boundaries on emerging designers night. We have a track record of giving designers a platform to showcase their talents, but this year we did it in an edgy and urban fashion. A brick runway set the mood for what was a night to remember with a packed house.



Saturday – High End Retailers & Boutiques

This night was so big that it shut down Elm Street (I mean literally, Elm St. was shut down). Are Belk, Talbots, Wrangler, Buckle, Gap Kids names that sound familiar? Saturday night brought in some of the biggest names in fashion. One minute a male model would rock a slim-fit suit, and the next minute one would wear a trendy athleisure look that was ready to be worn on Elm Street. 


Sunday – “I Do” Bridal Show

Sunday brunch and mimosas just got better with our bridal show. After a long weekend, David’s Bridal, Isabella’s Belk, and Mylins Fashion set the mood for a brief, soothing end to what was a crazy weekend.