Fashion, art, and entertainment was brought to life via a spectacular summer catwalk.




Greensboro Fashion Week kicked off their summer season in spectacular “fashion,” two weeks ago, at the Mill Entertainment Complex. In their most creative spectacle to date, the outdoor Elm street venue made a stunning backdrop for summer style.

Perhaps the show’s most impressive touches were those that greeted attendees as they arrived: lavish show cars from Flow Mazda and three head-to-toe painted live-mannequins wearing only tastefully adorned flowers.


Painted by world renowned Greensboro artist, Madelyn Greco, of LivingBrush Bodypainting, the addition of these live-mannequins purposefully gave nod to Greensboro’s long-time world reign of body paint artistry. In fact, Greco’s troupe makes up the only body paint artists in history to win all five World Championship titles across five separate categories.


Positioned on the outdoor catwalk, these live-mannequins helped bring the flower and wood backdrop to life, while sunny (but slightly overcast) weather created the perfect filter for attendee selfies and snaps of the show. In a show-first, many of those attendees included fashion “influencers” from across the region. These guests were hand-picked based on their social media following and besides VIP tickets to the show, they were also given supermodel treatment beforehand. (The group was chauffeured across town in Flow Mazda premium cars, pampered from head-to-toe at EyeSalons, and fed lunch at LaRue.)



As the show started, it was hard to imagine anything could top the summer landscape that show creators had manufactured, but somehow the 2018 designers rose to the occasion. Together, the collections showcased original designs that complemented the summer setting while simultaneously teased the audience for what’s to come in the October main event.


Heading into their fifth year those show creators, Witneigh Davis and Giovanni Ramadani, have raised the bar – they set – for what’s to expect at each show. “The small details are everything now,” Davis says, “we’re constantly asking ourselves, ‘what would our guests not expect,’ then we figure out how to make that happen in the most extravagant way.”


Davis and Ramadani’s desire to wow their guests is also the reason their 2018 fall show still has “TBD” listed next to location. What we do know is that 2018 Greensboro Fashion Week will occur October 2nd-7th and while the duo has most of the details already worked out, where the show will occur is still an orchestrated mystery.


“We’re working on something huge,” Ramadani says. “I can’t tell you anything else, only that you’ll experience something at our October show that you’re not even going to find at New York Fashion week.”




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