May 28th 2016:    Presenting the Gate City’s Most Dazzling Venue


           Greensboro, NC (February 29, 2016) - From September 22-25, 2016, Greensboro Fashion Week will showcase its third annual season at Elm Street Center. Downtown Greensboro is notorious as the go-to place for entertainment,weddings, and corporate events in the Triad, and Elm Street Center is located in the heart of it all.

           Within the renewal of downtown Greensboro, Elm Street Center exists as a symbol of both history and hope for the Gate City. Home of the Empire and Regency Ballrooms, the building provides the foundation for GSO Fashion Week to truly thrive in a space unlike any other.


           The Empire style décor at Elm Street Center highlights the building as the perfect venue for the stylistic glamour of Greensboro Fashion Week. Upholstered walls, crystal chandeliers, and thirty-foot tall ceilings are just a few of the many keynotes that present this location as one-of-a-kind in the Triad.


           The versatile ballroom can accommodate up to 800 individuals, while also offering the option to divide into three separate salons for more intimate space requests. Along with this, enchanting floor to ceiling glass balconies overlook Elm Street, enriching the allure that each unique night of Greensboro Fashion Week aims to portray.


           With 9500 square feet of space, full audio and visual capabilities, and spectacular detailing, Elm Street Center is the perfect place for Greensboro Fashion Week to continue to leave both a lasting legacy within the Triad region and beyond.