March 26th 2016:    3 Fail-Proof Style Combinations


Reinventing your wardrobe can be similar to starting a new business – it seems like a long climb to the top but all you can do is take the next step forward. Fortunately, building a wardrobe is a little different. In some, in fact most cases, buying new clothes isn’t necessary to reinvent your style. With the right staples in your wardrobe, it can be easy to seem like a brand new man sartorially. The gentleman who pays any attention to GQ, Details or any other style publication may have caught onto these combinations. For everyone else, here are ___ style combinations that work any time of the year.


1. Camel and Denim

Before you read this paragraph, look in your closet. If there’s a camel overcoat there, you’ve passed the test. If not, then do everything in your power to invest in one. It’s the lifelong investment that you’ll never regret. I bought one a few years ago and it’s truly one of the first things I reach for no matter what colors I’m wearing. It goes with everything.

Camel is a neutral that already goes with everything naturally, but with light wash denim you’re creating the perfect weekend look. A camel coat is usually paired over tailoring.




2. Navy and Brenton Stripes

All credit goes to the French for inspiring us with this fail-proof combination. This combination has changed the way that men dress for spring and summer with lightweight sweaters and t-shirts in the French pattern. Everyone has a navy blazer, especially if your parents shopped for your first blazer in middle school (hopefully you’re not still wearing the same one) – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a stylish way in your wardrobe to day. Pair this combination with neutrals (khaki or white pants) to make the combination even more visually appealing. No, you don’t need a yacht to wear this combination.





3. Blazer & Turtleneck

Take a step down from the traditional shirt and tie look expected of you. The irony of this combination is that it makes you look classier than the guy in a shirt and tie. It’ll broaden your shoulders and make your waistline seem slimmer as well. If you’re a millennial, then you’re aware that the turtleneck hasn’t gotten much love in our lifetime. Now its known as a warm, sleek, sophisticated piece that should be in every man’s wardrobe.