Greensboro Fashion Week

Greensboro, NC (June 27, 2016) – This year, Greensboro Fashion will feature eleven emerging designers. Talent is ever-present within the Triad, and this special night of GSO Fashion Week allows up-and-coming designers to showcase their work in a way like never before. The following designers’ creations will be highlighted at the event:

                      Dani Oliva                                             Jasmine Rhodes           

                     Brian Atkins                                                Kerri Murray        

                  Liamcy Hogan                                            Jokenya Brown

                    Nicci Wiggins                                         Lindsay Broughton

                   Emily Costlow                                           Raven Ledbeter                             

                   Elva Vieyra                                         Palmira Carrera Jarquin


Each designer will debut a 10-piece look of his or her very own the night of the show. With a team of high profile models, makeup artists, and hair stylists, these designers are able to highlight their looks to a premier degree.  GSOFW seeks to provide valuable exposure for these designers to take their careers to the next level.


The growth of Greensboro Fashion Week, the encouragement of local businesses, and the platform that GSOFW offers designers is one that can be instrumental to the cultivation of their careers. As an event made for the people, this special night seeks to emphasize these individuals’ perseverance within the thriving world of fashion.


Following the show, each designer will not only leave a lasting legacy on GSOFW, but also takeaway a strengthened personal brand of their very own. Greensboro Fashion Week is an event that strives to enable the Triad community, and these gifted designers are what keep this mission alive. To stay up-to-date with the designers, visit us at