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Don't you get bored of t-shirts? There's only so much you can do with them. You can cut holes in them, ride the oversized menswear trend by going baggy, or you can wear tees with a front pocket (which can So, how can you upgrade your short sleeve tee game as summer comes to a close?

Black henleys are well-rounded, sleek, direct, and one of the few shirts that are subtle and command attention at the same time. Sure, you can keep wearing a white t-shirt because it goes with everything with minimal effort, but the catch with black henleys is that you're only spending a few extra dollars for an upgrade in style. The three buttons add to the already-existing edginess of a black t-shirt.

The black henley is a modern menswear piece that every man must own. You're rarely under dressed in it and you're never overdressed in it either. 

Step number one is making sure that you buy one that suits your needs. These are shirts that you'll want to try on in person because they tend to run smaller than your traditional t-shirt. Some good brands to check out are Alfani (a private brand owned by Macy's), J.Crew and American Eagle.

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This is an item you don't want to spend a fortune on because you'll probably replace them regularly due to the wear and tear. I personally have about 4 different versions of this top from over the past 2 years since I started wearing them. 

Step number two is making sure that you wear it with the right items. Your outfit needs to be understated and command respect. My outfit above is a good mood board to live by. It's monochromatic, includes a classy shoe choice, and everything fits as tailored to perfection as possible. 

A few trips to the gym and already-existing tattoos are a few great accessories that go with black henleys. (Disclaimer: we don't encourage you to get tattoos just to go with a piece of clothing, and none of the brands mentioned in this post paid to be mentioned in this).

Written by: Dj Hargrave - Official Lead Blogger of GSOFW