March 5th 2016:     BOHEMIAN FASHION

Inspiration from the nineteenth century colliding with the influences of modern fashion trends produces the result that you see here. Bohemian fashion and its history is where designers are pulling their inspiration from to create looks that are not only unique but require a skilled eye to build an outfit. This dress is an example of a style stemmed from a free-spirit mentality. 

Lace and floral fabrics are a foundational part of this outfit and the genre as a whole. The length of this dress represents a modern dress line and the metallic belted waist ushers back to a history. The dichotomy between modernity and a sense of style from an earlier time is what defines this updated bohemian style. The accessories in the outfit are the pieces that show the attention to detail required in this style. The laced centerfold heels support the image of this genre and the headband crowns the outfit with the curly messy hair that this look is known for.

The modern more elegant bohemian style is more easily explained as a state of mind. Clothes are chosen with an individual sense, a romantic perspective and a free spirit.


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David Lezcano