Greensboro Fashion Week


Bloggers on the Block

A look into the guest bloggers and Greensboro Fashion Week 2016 and where you can find them in the blogosphere.

David Lezcano is a Greensboro Native and Founder of He’s part-time blogger, part-time musician as he’s one of three members of Citizen Shade (you might recognize them from their Friday night performance at GSOFW 2016. His blog and social media presence has led to collaborations with top brands like Adidas and more. You can find him on Instagram @_thedl. Checkout his post about his experience at GSOFW here.


Sunny Murthy is a college student who is way ahead of the game and is a pre-med student at Virginia Tech. He has over 11,000 Instagram followers (@welldressedstudent) and has worked with brands such as Sony Playstation, Proactive, Boohoo and more. His personality lights up a room and the lifestyle he portrays through his brand is a daily dose of positivity. You can find his post on his GSOFW experience here

Amber Ford is a high school student getting an early start on building her personal brand in the fashion industry. Her laid-back and chic style shows her roots to her hometown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You can see her post about her experience at GSOFW on her blog here.

Ana Faneite is founder of The Fashion Streets and a Raleigh, NC native with New York style. She’s also a college student and already knows a thing or two about building a great website, expressing herself authentically to her audience, and having a good taste in photography. You can hear about her GSOFW experience on her blog here.