Well, It’s not just you. Athleisure is everywhere; Athleisure is the new casual. Athleisure is the mix between athletic wear and business causal outfits. You’ve probably been doing this unknowingly while running errands or living your office to go work out. That causal tee and yoga pants is called Athleisure. Athleisure is exactly what it sounds like: a juxtaposition between athletic wear and casual, everyday ensembles.

Many of the clothes that people now consider work-appropriate,  incorporate sports-inspired materials, like spandex, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers. It’s combining two trends that have dominated American casual clothing ” durability and comfort” in a versatile way. While the argument over whether or not leggings should be considered pants is still a hot topic, it is becoming more acceptable to wear your favorite leggings out in public. We believe that, when done correctly, workout wear can live in harmony with your everyday wardrobe. To prove our point, we thought it would be fun to show our readers how to make athleisure look chic with all of our favorite trends.


We realize that the office may seem like an unlikely place to sport workout wear. However, we often find ourselves lacing up our running shoes for an afternoon meeting or carrying around yoga clothes to change into during our lunch breaks. Because of this, we’ve managed to find pieces that blend seamlessly into our day-to-day office attire to make outfit transitions even smoother. We’ve recently become pretty smitten with pairing our favorite midi skirts with a versatile T-shirt and relaxed jacket that can be worn to the gym or to the office. Grab your favorite slip-ons to give your running shoes a rest. These refine your outfit without trying too hard  and the comfort level remains the same.