Greensboro Fashion Week is an annual showcase of the glamour, style and talent present within North Carolina. Not only does this week dedicate itself to the fashion culture, but even more-so to the betterment of the local community and the people within it.





Fashion is a universal language that has the power to unify people from wildly different cultures. Did you know that Greensboro represents 79 different countries and is home to locals that speak 100 different languages? At GSOFW, we want to EVERYONE to feel welcomed, feel beautiful, feel fashionable!



Greensboro Fashion Week provides higher education opportunities to participants by getting our educational communities involved! As a combined effort, we represent a total of SEVEN colleges in the Triad area, with students from ALL of these colleges playing huge parts in the show. From fashion designers at UNCG to volunteers at NC A&T to make-up artists at Elon; GSOFW encourages the networking and relationships between these students while also providing them the opportunity to gain fun, high-energy experience for their future careers.



GSOFW is actively fostering the movement to expand downtown Greensboro. As the mending heart of our city, it will take a whole community effort to bring it back to life. We made the decision to call downtown Greensboro “home” and our show will not live anywhere else. Even in spite of increased venue prices and a much more challenging planning process (compared to other areas of the Triad), we know that investing here, improves here and we hope to lead our fellow businesses to do the same.



Greensboro Fashion Week is about more than just fashion. We're about community; We're about people; and we're about charity. 



Fashion lives here and it thrives here and it's time to put our Greensboro fashion culture in the limelight it deserves. This is a movement that is peaceful and productive and designed to get stronger with time. It is our conscious effort to bring the Greensboro community together, to make it a little better and to establish a positive revolution that everyone—from our children to our grandparents —can get behind. Greensboro could never have too many positive efforts to unify it as a place and as a community. We want to be one among many.