July 9th 2016:   Tie Dye



What do your grandparents, Justin Bieber and Kanye West have in common? They've probably worn the same style tee shirt being styled above at some point in their lives. Before the aesthetic was hippie ridden, traditional methods of tie-dye came from India, Japan, and Africa in the sixth century.

Since that time, especially the 1960's, these obnoxious, yet oddly simple tees called tie-dyes have boomeranged their way back onto the fashion scene - because what goes around, comes around.

Often times you'll find throw back metal/rock band logos donned on tie-dye shirts, but its best to stay in your lane with a simple design that meshes 2-3 colors in the most 'trippy' way possible. Whether you opt for a high-end tie-dye shirt from Saint Laurent or support small business by buying one through Etsy, you'll still be able to let out your inner rock star/skater/surfer.

Just don't think once about reaching for excessive jewelry, round glasses, or any garment that's outdated to match your tie-dye. Wearing old school pieces is a modern skill, not something you should copy-cat from the good ole' days - otherwise, you have the fashion week pass to pull off tie-dye for old times sake.

(AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

(AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

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