June 18th 2016:   Mensware


We all struggle with trying to figure out what to wear for the weekend, especially with this cold weather. So many questions go through your head. The weekend outfit should be simple yet stylish, what’s going to be big is the casual suit. What do I mean by that? Check out a few of the menswear shots below:


Keep it simple, ditch the pocket square and lapel flower.
Keep it simple, ditch the pocket square and lapel flower.
Focus on three things: White Shirt, Navy Suit, Brown Shoes
Like it right? It’s simple yet overlooked. Everyone focuses on details of every little aspect of an outfit, but take it easy this weekend. Don’t get me wrong: I love details and making my socks match my tie, but not all the time. The reason I love this look it’s cause no one besides gents with yacht’s in Italy take advantage of this outfit, it looks so good and it is super simple. Menswear has been super complex lately and it has been intimidating to many. Take a deep breath, you can do this.oes

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo. I’m tired of thinking outside the box, so tired I built a new box. From this box, I have forged a way to inspire people. My goal isn’t only to inspire you to dress better, my goal is to inspire you to be a better you. I believe you should dress like the man you want to be, fake it till you make it (It’s all about body language, check out this TED talk). Staying stylish is more than just looking good, it’s caring about yourself and pushing the boundaries of what is known and accepted. It’s a lifestyle, start living it.

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The Well Dressed Student