Greensboro Fashion Week


5 Menswear Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

Have you already started shopping for your looks for Greensboro Fashion Week 2017? What about the events we have coming up before GSOFW? Of course, you have – but don’t panic about finding your receipts, because we’re only giving you more options to show off on your Instagram feed (that’s if you want to be trendy and ‘with the times’).


Last week, I was reading the latest edition of GQ style which usually features a few trends to look forward to soon. That means the GSOFW team, along with myself, will probably blow our next three checks in the name of fashion to rock these trends.


Lightweight Cardigans


Last year the bomber jacket was the go-to for early mornings and late nights in the city. Now, men are steering more towards lightweight cardigans going into Summer 17’. Everyone sees the loud cardigans sitting in retail stores, but winter is just too somber to wear them as a top layer. Take advantage of this trend and let your inner grandpa swag shine – just go with a close fit and modern patterns.


Secure Your Bag


There seem to be two sides to the man bag debate: the ‘there’s no way in (insert your favorite word here) that men should carry a tote or any type of bag’ side, and the side that realizes times are changing. Every man, especially in his 20’s and 30’s, is a modern-day warrior who usually doesn’t sit in one office all day. This means he has to be equipped and ready for whatever the day might bring. Can you fit your keys, wallet, laptop, lotion, toothbrush and chargers in your suit pockets? Didn’t think so.


Say It With Your Chest


Graphic tees are in and we can thank Gucci for that (the brand, not the East Atlanta rapper). They do enough damage with ostentatious designs, yet they’ve inspired a new wave of graphic tees that’ll go with every outfit and every mood. Designers are also obsessed with old school bands that no one born after 1996 cares about, but its trendy so who cares?


Vertical Stripes


For the men who are vertically challenged, this is your chance to use the power of illusion. Vertical stripes make you look taller and European which are both wins in the menswear world. You’ll find this popular style mostly utilized in short sleeve button shirts with Cuban collars.


Can You Do Me A (Colorful) Solid?


There’s something appealing about a man in a slim suit in a conservative color, but what’s boring about this man is the lack of style and individualism. Socks, pocket squares, tie bars and sunglasses are great ways to add flare to any suit look, but colorful solid socks are trending this spring and summer. Solid (colorful) socks are a great way to get out of your comfort zone without taking any risks.


Written by: DJ Hargrave from Tailor Made Style