Greensboro Fashion Week

2017 Fashion Show - Dates Revealed


Greensboro, NC (January 9, 2017) – The time has come to unveil the long awaited dates of the 2017 Greensboro Fashion Week - so mark your calendars and prepare to be amazed with the Triad’s most glamorous event of the year. For the fourth annual GSO Fashion Week, we are pulling out all the stops like never before to give you a show you are sure to remember.

Throughout the four key nights, September 21st to 24th, the show will epitomize the quality, elegance and style that aligns with our hand picked designers. Each night will reflect a unique theme reminiscent of the most influential talents and businesses of the Triad. 

Greensboro Fashion Week initially blossomed out of an inherent love for fashion. A love inspired by fashion’s ability to not only be about the clothes that are worn, but to exist as a symbol of the beauty and creativity found in local people and businesses of the Greensboro community.